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The Land Register Services

We are essentially an architectural office and have been involved in very many projects over the past 26 years. The reason our project management department was formed was largely due to the increasing numbers of clients coming to our office to ask for help in sorting out their problems. Problems with licenses, permissions, with builders, legal problems, technical problems etc. Unfortunately in many cases we became involved in the project too late to help. Constructing a property involves many different skills and professionals; Real estate agents sell, lawyers check legal titles, architects design projects, surveyors and topographers survey and builders build. Many problems occur simply because these professionals all work independently of each other. There is no coordination, no experienced supervision of each crucial element and the net result is a total lack of continuity and this is where things start to go wrong.

In order to guide the project smoothly through all its phases, we aim to become involved at the very beginning avoiding unnecessary problems and additional costs. The department is under the overall supervision of Manuel J Cabrera Fernández-Pujol, (Dr en Arquitectura). He will personally oversee and advise on all aspects of the project.

Typical service includes:

Introductory meeting:

Initial meeting with Dr Cabrera to discuss the client’s general requirements. (Topics to include budget considerations, preferred location, timescale, preliminary design ideas. etc.)
Subsequent meetings during the planning stages will be arranged as necessary either face to face or by telephone, email or fax.

Tour of the area

Arrangements will be made for an accompanied tour of the area including viewing of potential and suitable building plots.

Land survey

Arrange for a Topographical survey of the selected plot.
Arrange for a Geological survey of the selected plot.

Purchase of land

For your security the purchase of land (if requested) may be processed through our in-house Agency (Official Agente de La propiedad Inmobilaira (API No 11.708) We will Prepare a purchase agreement document ultimately transferring the property from its current owner, free of all charges, liens and encumberences. This is achieved by way of Notarial public document, known as the escritura, and is signed by all parties in front of a public Notary.

Planning authorities

We will liase with respective town halls and government authorities where applicable and finalise the Preparation and Submission of planning applications and licences.

Preparation of the Project (optional)

This work is carried out by the architect of your choice and is subject to an additional fee. This fee is often incorporated into the builder’s quotation. However we would recommend you opt for an independent architect and take advantage of the wide experience and expertise offered by Dr Cabrera and his team. The Architect is responsible for the overall preparation and supervision of the project and together with his surveyor will control each stage of the building process. The surveyor is also responsible for all safety aspects on the site.

Appointing the builder

We are acquainted with numerous builders in the area and would be happy to recommend one with the necessary skills, equipment, manpower and financial stability to make the construction.

The building contract

We will prepare a comprehensive and binding document to protect your interests in the event the builder defaults on his agreement. This will include such things as payment schedules, penalty clauses, etc.


We will arrange ten-year builders warranty insurance on the finished building This is your ultimate protection and guarantee against faulty or shoddy workmanship.

Overall management

The project will be continuously monitored from the date of our appointment until the project is completed.

Fee structure

Our fees are calculated at a rate of between 2.0% and 4.0% of the total cost of the project depending on our involvement.

Free estimate

For a free, no obligation estimate of the overal cost of your proposed project please click the link below.

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