Plots for sale in Spain – Build or resale?

Finding plots for sale in Spain, building or Buying second-hand Property

Plots for sale in SpainSpain has much to offer the weather weary residents of its northern European neighbours. It’s little wonder over the past 20 years or more, increasing numbers of people have been selling up and moving to a land free of smog, to a land where black ice and fog and days of endless rain are unheard of.  But do you want to find plots for sale in Spain and build your own dream villa, or buy a second hand property?

Thousands each year are relocating to this truly cosmopolitan part of the world where one never feels like a foreigner and the sun shines 320 days a year.

We operate mainly in the Northern sector of the Costa Blanca, inland and along the Coast from Benidorm in the South to Gandia in the North.

If you are planning to find a plot for sale in Spain and build a new property then you will find hundreds of building plots for sale listed on the Land Register. However, if you are planning to buy an existing second-hand property then you may like to read the following notes.

Buying a second hand property in Spain

If you don’t want to look for plots for sale in Spain and build your own property, if you borrow money to buy your property you will almost certainly find the bank or lender will insist the property is surveyed and properly valued before they provide the funds.

It follows therefore that since the banks and mortgage providers follow this procedure in order to protect their interests it should be a valid and sensible course of action for anyone else when buying a property.

You may not be borrowing money to buy, in which case all the more reason to make sure your own cash investment is sound. Have the property independently surveyed before you complete the sale. This way you will know for sure, the true value and exactly what you are buying. This could prevent future problems and may save you a considerable amount of money.

Prudent purchasers take professional advice

Some real estate agents, but not all are qualified to sell property. Most will organise a search to establish whether or not it is owned by the person selling it. They will check to see if there are any liens charges or other encumbrances. You can also employ a lawyer to do more or less the same thing.

But this is only half the job! In addition, most people would agree it would be good to know if the property being purchased is structurally sound, free from dry rot, rising damp or subsiding foundations, etc., etc. It’s often the case of not what you can see, but what you can’t see in a property that matters. In short it is prudent and relatively inexpensive to have the property surveyed and valued by a professional surveyor.

A real estate agent is hardly likely to point out the newly painted wall is actually hiding a huge crack, or draw your attention to the fact that when it rains the roof leaks like a sieve. Nor will he admit that you could probably buy the same property for less money through a different agency.

We do not sell property, we do, however, offer an independent service to those buying or considering buying real estate, whether you’re looking for plots for sale in Spain, or a second hand property – our services are comprehensive, giving the purchaser complete peace of mind.

Our Services includes the following:

  • Through our vast database we will help you find a property, within your budget, in the right area meeting all your criteria.
  • The preparation of Sale/Purchase contracts.
  • Establish proof of ownership.
  • Search for Liens, charges or other encumbrances,
  • Search for future planning projects, new roads, new urbanizations, etc. which may effect the property.
  • A full property survey with a detailed report.
  • An Independent Property Valuation….. and much more!
  • Check it out first. You know it makes sense!
  • For a list of hundreds of new and resale properties visit
  • Impartial professional valuations, lawyers and surveyors reports and much much more.

Should you decide not to proceed with a new build, you can find thousands of properties for sale in Spain through Search and Survey. They have access to the largest database of Spanish property on the internet; everything from resales, renovation projects to new builds. Contact us using our form giving brief details of what you are looking for and we will be happy to help

Investing in Spain invariably involves at some stage of the process, transferring substantial sums of money into the country. When it comes to this you will discover that UK banks are notoriously bad at exchanging Sterling into Euros, we use, and highly recommend you also use – the transfer will be quick and will save you a lot of money in the process.