Rustic Land Regulations

Rustic Land Regulations when you buy land in  Costa Blanca (Suello no urbanizable)

If you want to buy land in Costa Blanca, there are two types – rustic and urban.  Land falling into the rustic category is also outlined on the General Plan, as already mentioned rustic land is largely found in the countryside, usually some distance from the local town in whose area it belongs.

Buy land in Costa Blanca - Rustic landUnlike urban land, where the rules are laid down by the local town hall, it is the regional government who makes the rules regarding the minimum size of the building plot in rustic areas. In this case the authority comes from Valencia and the law requires a minimum area of 10,000 m2.

If you want to buy land in Costa Blanca, then rustic land may be sub categorised into three distinct types namely Protected, Restricted or building land. It does not always follow therefore, that because the plot is 10,000m2 or greater that it will be possible to build. These categories are shown on the General Plan available in the local town hall and should be checked before any agreement to purchase is made.

Rustic land tends to be much cheaper per m2 than Urban land, the problem is you need to buy many more square metres in order to have a plot large enough to build.

Area Occupancy

This is always fixed at 2% of the plot size
EG on a plot of 10,000m2 it is possible to build the ground floor to a maximum of 200m2
Total Construction
This is always fixed at 4% of the plot size.

On a plot of 10,000m2 it is possible to build two floors each of 200m2 making a total constructed area of 400m2.

It should be noted that these are the maximum areas of occupancy and construction however they exclude a cellar, (which may be the same area as the ground floor,) terracing, porches/pergolas and a swimming pool.

There are other rules governing the maximum height of the building. Rustic houses are restricted to two floors. Rules vary as to the height of sold boundary walls typically 1 to 1.80 metres.

Ascetic appearance

As you might expect, in order to maintain a traditional country house effect, properties built in rustic land should be designed to fit in with the country style. Such houses are commonly known as Finca’s. and are often clad in natural stone.

Rules regarding aesthetics are laid down by the Town Hall and therefore vary from area to area. Benissa Town Hall for example has particularly stringent rules concerning the direction of the roof-line, types of windows, number and dimensions of arches, etc etc. Other towns have less rigid restrictions.

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