Restoration of fincas for sale in Spain

Restoration regulations of fincas for sale in Spain

  • Restoration of old buildings (fincas) in Spain
  • Existing buildings in Rustic areas

Very important changes to the rules

It is quite common practice these days for people who want to find run down fincas for sale in Spain, barns or even a total ruins with a view to restoring it to a habitable dwelling.

fincas for sale in spainUntil very recently, it was possible to restore and extend a ruin in a rustic zone to occupy an area equivalent to 2% of the plot size, without having a minumum 10,000m2 plot. Sometimes an insignificant heap of stones on a small plot was interpretted as being an existing building by some town halls in order to get around the rules. However, this loop hole has now been closed by the regional authorities and planning applications to extend the building beyond its original size with less than 10,000 m2 of land will be rejected.

The General rules are:

If you want to restore a finca for sale in Spain, the ascetic appearance must always be maintained; for example if the existing building is built of stone then the restoration must be the same. Large PVC patio doors and other modern fittings visible from the exterior are not allowed. Permission would almost certainly be refused for the addition of such features as circular towers or turrets.

Extension to or expansion of the existing building is limited to a maximum total constructed area of 2% on each floor. Therefore an existing ruin with a constructed area of 120m2 on a plot of 10,000 m2 could be extended to 400m2 in total with a maximum ground floor area of 200m2. A plot of less than 10,000m2 would only permit the building to be restored or repaired but not extended beyond its original size.

EG plot size 10,000m2 x .2 = 200m2 per floor.
Maximum two floors = 400m2 (Total constructed area.)

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