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The land register offers a number of free resources and links to other web sites, some of which may be of interest to those people who visit our site.

Free information can be had from the Library at Search and Survey site

Money transfers: Investing in Spain invariably involves at some stage, transferring substantial sums of money into the country. When it comes to this you will discover that UK banks are notoriously bad at exchanging Sterling into Euros, we use, and highly recommend you also use – the transfer will be quick and will save you a lot of money in the process.

Expats Travel Insurance: If you are under 80 years old you may take advantage of special rates for Worldwide travel insurance. You can choose an annual multi trip policy or cover for a single trip. Check it out follow this link

100% Constructions and 100% Plumbing have been building and working with the Expat community for years. Reliable and helpful see their web page

The notary public We are in regular contact with many public notaries in the Northern Costa Blanca and will be happy to make an introduction. The public notary has become the key figure in conventional Spanish culture, together with others notables like for example the doctor and the priest. Spanish notaries have an exclusive position in society, to say nothing of their privileged income stream guaranteed by Spanish law. There are many websites offering information about the role of the public notary, you can however visit the official site be following this link

Architect Dr Manuel Cabrera – With over 37 years of experience in the construction industry, architecture and urbanism, he has experience in many different fields of architectural design, construction, planning, evaluations and general advice.

Liens, Charges and Encumberances You can check for encumbrance’s liens charges etc. on any building plot or indeed any property at

Free Quotation The land register free building quotation and advice service. Contact

Inspection flights We will be happy to assist in the reservation of flights and booking of hotel accommodation and arrange viewing of building land featured in the land register.Contact the Landregister with your requirements

Useful links

Tourist Information – The Costa Blanca official website – A melting pot of experiences – Unforgettable beaches and coves. Two hundred kms of coastline with mountains in the background, create a perfect place in which to enjoy all the action and have fun go to the websitet

The local weather The Costa Blanca boasts one of the healthiest climates in the world. It is usually sunny but it’s interesting to check out the temperatures etc. Click here to visit the weather site and webcams of Calpe .

Land/Buyers guide Your free guide to building or buying in